Our work in practise

No customer projects are the same and are as individual as our customers, equally unique is our approach. This works only if you understand the company and the people in it and in its market. Here at salegro we can. For us every company is completely unique.

Case: „Continuous development of sales staff“

An international company in the specialty mechanical engineering is under the pressure that it could lose its world leader role. It turns out to be increasingly difficult, to sell the extra cost alone over technical value to the customer. In addition is it very important to the company that the international recruitment learns the uniform concepts, methods and tools in sales quickly, so that a uniform base can be ensured.

Case: „Restructuring of sales from Locally autonomous units in a Global functional organization“

With several production sites in Europe and China the industrial goods manufacturers lack a basis for standardized processes. Subsidiaries and customer center’s act isolated and as independent units -partially with the same customer. Differences in culture and communication support this approach.

Case: „Key Account Management established as a team player in OEM and combined with development“

A medium-sized supplier to the automotive industry and the market leader for axles and chassis must stand up to the large OEMs in this area. He is not good enough linked in this market and loses market shares additionally through to long cycles of innovation - especially in the high-price segment.

Case: „Fast and uniform implementation of a common communications and sales approach in a worldwide sales organization“

Due to many acquisitions in an internationally positioned crane manufacturer different corporate cultures are under one roof. The "client-Way in customer contact is lived very differently.

Case: „Negotiation training in B2B project business“

The employees of an internationally active group of companies for IT consulting and systems integration often negotiate framework agreements or projects with the buyers of their clients. The negotiation results showed room for improvement.

Case: „Higher employee satisfaction and motivation“

Feedback, objectives and appraisals are processed at a pharmaceutical manufacturer in different procedures and documentation. This approach inhibits a unified performance that also slows down the overall success of the company.

Case: „Increased hit rate and better controllability in international sales“

In the massive wood processing is this engineering company the number one in the world - but the competition from Asia and Europe will be increasingly present. In order to continue to maintain its market position, a strategy shift is necessary.

Case: „Qualification of new sales staff with Seller Academy“

A leading provider of business intelligence solutions with its parent company in the United States is struggling with its difficult personnel situation as suitable candidates for the Senior Account Management are not available. Major recruitment activities do not lead to meet the necessary staff requirements.

Case: „Increase in sales and the launch of a new product on the market“

In the generics area this company is at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry and has ambitious growth targets. In addition to that it stands before an important product launch in the Oncology field.

Case: „Integrated skill development for managers, field service and sales department“

The business environment of the German subsidiary of a leading added-value distributor in the ICT sector is characterized by constant and rapid change . Through acquisitions have strong subcultures emerged and prevent effective sales. Also missing important skills in order to achieve the objectives in the tough market environment.