Fast and uniform implementation of a common communications and sales approach in a worldwide sales organization

Starting position

Due to many acquisitions in an internationally positioned crane manufacturer different corporate cultures are under one roof. The "client-Way in customer contact is lived very differently.


  • Supported by communication and sales training an internal culture and understanding of values has be created and anchored
  • We created a common understanding to establish the customer communication
  • A uniform global sales process shall be communicated and anchored

We did that

  • with participants from all relevant departments and country organizations , interdisciplinary workshops were conducted 
  • The needs have been identified and shared content for the training set. 
  • In cooperation with the management a global sales process was developed,
  • the international rollout took place with internal employees of all regions -staff acted as ambassadors who carry the content in the respective organizations,
  • the "ambassadors were previously in the train-the-trainer training and coaching support.
  • Training materials were created in six languages


After a project period of six months (without roll) on 25 days, two consultants trained 950 employees on five continents in six languages. This cost-effective training program achieved a rapid, uniform implementation in the global organization. 

  • All ambassadors have the program implemented consistently and successfully
  • The new sales process has anchored in the international sales team and facilitates global coordination in sales considerably .
  • Employees now communicate worldwide in a uniform way. 
  • Through the integration of the key players at the beginning of the project, the foundation stone was laid for the overall success.
  • The trained employees accepted the contents of the training through the Train-the-trainer approach very well, which made sure that the implementation across the organization was quickly and above all uniform.