Increase in sales and the launch of a new product on the market

Starting position

In the generics area this company is at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry and has ambitious growth targets. In addition to that it stands before an important product launch in the Oncology field.


  • There are selected methods of sales be employed to the entire sales team to ensure the growth 
  • As a central management tool for decision makers in the oncology field a coaching approach is to be

What we did

  • Through joint workshops in the concept phase leaders went through a buy-in - executives were involved in planning and designing.
  • Trainings were designed by the SPOT-Method®, the different training intervals include the cascading of the training of the executives towards the sales people.
  • The focus was on selected sales methods that have been intensively trained -concentrated, focused input combined with intensive exercises.
  • Jointly developed scenarios were used, and therefore a very high practical relevance and high transfer benefits were created.
  • In part were large group trainings with parallel training sessions held.


At 35 project days with seven consultants a total of approximately 50 managers and field staff were made fit for 'helping people help themselves'. 

  • The executives can prepare their field staff from now on alone to face future challenges.
  • Executives are now using standardized tools for people management, clearly defined development processes for field staff and consequently fixed guide interventions provide direction and structure.
  • Through intensive training of executives in marketing methods, they are able to support their employees specifically in sales every day.