Higher employee satisfaction and motivation

Starting position

Feedback, objectives and appraisals are processed at a pharmaceutical manufacturer in different procedures and documentation. This approach inhibits a unified performance that also slows down the overall success of the company.



  • After the merge of two companies, it was necessary to introduce a uniform performance and talent management system. The necessary skills should be displayed on various employees and management levels and used in target talks
  • Regular target and feedback meetings should be introduced

What we did


  • Beginning with the senior management level to the team management different workshops were conducted and the participants were supported in the implementation.
  • Through feedback and review meetings over the past period, which were constructed on target talks, the employees were accompanied in accordance with their sales skills.
  • There were also workshops to adapt the skills for the respective regions


About six months four consultants worked in 25 executives workshops with about 140 employees from all over Germany. Were achieved regular and well-prepared feedback and objective discussions and competent handling sales skills. In addition, a common understanding of performance and talent management was created in total sales.


  • Staff meetings are now conducted in a uniform regularity.
  • The quality of the preparation and the implementation and documentation of target and feedback sessions were also unified.
  • The employees were aware that with their own contribution and the contribution of the team, they also contribute to the team's overall success.
  • Employee potentials were deliberately pursued in order to develop individual employees for critical positions in sales.