Integrated skill development for managers, field service and sales department

Starting position

The business environment of the German subsidiary of a leading added-value distributor in the ICT sector is characterized by constant and rapid change . Through acquisitions have strong subcultures emerged and prevent effective sales. Also missing important skills in order to achieve the objectives in the tough market environment.


  • There is a homogeneous management and sales culture to establish
  • The different cultures are to be integrated into the evolving corporate culture
  • The company should continue to develop its hardware and software skills

What we did

  • Starting with the top management level, a mission statement was developed.
  • The management culture was further developed and targeted expert input was added for guidance and change.
  • Workshop on roles and responsibilities clarification was a joint kick-off with all salespeople
  • With the SPOT Method® all employees of sales departments (Key Account, 
  • Regional Sales, Sales Support, and Sales Operations) received competency building.
  • In order to respond optimally to the individual needs, all involved levels received Individual or team coaching - even on-the-job.


After 40 project days within 10 months with five consultants and 100 employees from all over Germany, the company is now fit for the growth and 'ready for change'.

  • The new management and sales culture is lived by everyone in everyday life.
  • The top-down approach and the early involvement of all involved employees led to sustainable sales successes in the office and field staff.
  • For categories management, inside sales, field sales and key account management competencies are developed in parallel, but specifically.
  • By better customer differentiation increased contribution margins were achieved.