Sales analyst. Adjust the screws to optimize your company

Would you like to know

  • where the 'blind spots' are?
  • How the impact of your actions effect in practice and how you are being assessed by your employees?
  • What screws you need to adjust in order to boost your sales?

With the salegro Sales Analysis we uncover vulnerabilities and simultaneously get starting points for improvements. This online survey of your sales staff will illuminate up to seven issues:

  • strategy and target
  • customer focus
  • organization of sales
  • Sales control by the sales manager
  • sales processes
  • customer discussions
  • conduct negotiations

The questions can be individually adapted to the wording of your company. You get the evaluation with the interpretation of the results, from which we derive recommendations for you.

With the salegro Sales analysis we find out where to adjust the screws that will make your company to a strong unit.