How should your sales develop?

Strange that we are all looking so hard for a patented solution. But these are unfortunately rare. That's why we like to look closely, when a customer comes to us with a problem and asks us to implement a conventional solution. The sales does not sell enough? Training! The new products will not run? Training! Customers rip us off in negotiations? Training! - Sounds all right like a patented solution, right? Unfortunately this works mostly unsustainable. Our sales check-up on the other hand brings concrete results: a set of recommendations for actions, which allows you to get started immediately.

We analyze the following issues: 

  • What keeps you busy? What would you like to change?
  • How are the relationships, where are the points of friction?
  • How influence does your corporate culture have- what are the "unwritten rules"?
  • To what extent are your corporate values ​​lived?
  • How much time is available? How urgent are the issues?

Result of our sales checkups are a clear representation of the actual situation with a recommended course of action for the upcoming steps.Together we plan the procedure and are available in the individual implementation phases as facilitators that control, moderate and - if necessary - also intervene to avert unwanted.

Unique starting position + clear objective =sustainable sales development.