Consulting. A view at the system of the organisation

Every company has its own corporate values, structures and processes and lives different cultures in sales. This is where we come in. Our sales consulting is sustainable because we look at the totality of the organization - the structures and people. We of salegro have this big picture, optimize your strategies and processes and advise you on the "next steps" to you’re your sales.

And we support you with that:

  • Sales culture: We take into account the maturity level of your Organization and develop a step by step marketing strategy. Work with us on how you can achieve your strategic goals.
  • Process optimization. How to create lean, efficient
  • sales processes with less friction - particularly in international sales.
  • Restructuring. Just as you, extremely different
  • Sales processes and organizations across national boundaries, merged in a way that everyone’s interests are preserved.
  • Sell more value. With our sales development projects you can sell your USPs on the market better and with higher margins.
  • Organizational and personnel development. Our advised sales experts accompany and enable the development of your organization and go hand in hand with practical strong development of your sales staff.
  • Implementation. Our staff development and training expertise promotes the implementation of the outcome of proceedings. New structures and processes will not only look good in PowerPoint, but they will also be implemented and practiced.