Restructuring. When sales organizations are merged.

We manage even extremely different sales processes and organizations across national boundaries and merge them in a way that the interests of all are preserved. Your organization is fit for future growth.

Training. We prepare your employees for the sale in B2B

Our sales training is tailored to the bottleneck and the potential of your organization - 100 % Transfer - 100 % implementation - simply a better sale.

Why salegro? Sales are our mission.

Our industry expertise is pushing your success in sales:

• Experts with 98 years of bundled sales experience, 30 years as a trainer and consultant

• Projects in over 20 countries, implementation on 4 continents

• More than 100 projects since its inception in 2005

B2B sales is different. Selling is just not the same as selling, complex products and services as well as complex buying centers have other requirements. We are experts for exactly this.

Sales entirely and unique

With us from salegro, organizational development AND personal development go hand in hand. Only if we understand your business with its structure and its culture, and its employees can consulting, change management and training engage properly and lay the foundation for a unique development of your company.

Secure the learning success of your employees with social learning Employee development gets an increasingly important priority for companies.
Become more professional than the purchase.

While the purchase gets more professional the negotiations and requirements for the seller increase. Especially in complex negotiations in B2B almost always several parties are involved on the customer side. We of salegro ensure that you are well prepared.

Secure the learning success of your employee’s social learning

Flexible and customized employee development gets an increasingly important priority for companies. 

Become more professional than the purchaser

While the purchase gets more professional, in negotiations the requirements to the seller rise. Especially in complex negotiations in B2B almost always several parties are involved on the customer side. Us from  salegro ensure that you are well prepared.

job offers

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sales professional with desire to be trainer / consultant.
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Sales checkup. Where should your sales develop?

With us you get a fast, funded and effective basis for your decisions and next steps. Are your objectives and targets, for example, growth, closer to customers, clear roles, international business, recruiting or prospecting? Or are you strengthened by employee motivation, higher graduation rates, systematic Seller development, pricing and other sales-related topics? Depending on which goals are important to you in your sales, after our sales check up you know the areas where your greatest potentials lie dormant and what has to be optimized- always with the view on your entire business and your employees.

salegro. With expert know-how to the pole position.

Sales must evolve in order to be competitive in the future. Salegro not only ensures growth in sales, but also for the development of your sales organization.

Chance radar. Increase your chances in completion.

By focussing on promising opportunities you increase the effectiveness of the sales process. With chance radar® we support you in the realistic assessment of your opportunities.

Bring your organization safely through the process of change

Anyone who wants to continue to rise above the competition needs to recognize changes on the market early and be ready to adapt to new needs and circumstances. But planned changes cause rejection with most employees in the company.

Essentials for the daily routine of your company

Take advantage of our compact checklists - they are made by professionals for professionals.

Process optimization. All set in the (international) sales.

Finally creating less friction through better interface management with streamlined and efficient sales processes - even across borders.

Consulting. A look at the system of organization

Every company with its own corporate values, structures and processes is living different cultures in sales. Here is where we come in.