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Heiko van Eckert, practical guide for sales (Praxishandbuch Vertrieb)

Praxishandbuch Vertrieb

The pivotal; point of any successful company is the customer: to know his needs and problems and analyze, then offer him customized solutions, is the core focus is this manual. The book helps to keep each level of the sales organization at the customer view. Numerous illustrative practical examples provide necessary theoretical fundamentals for the transfer in sales every day. This book serves as a reference and to support knowledge sharing, it provides food for thought and suggestions and supports the reader in the successful sales work.

From the content

  • From the company's vision for operational sales strategy
  • Optimal organization of sales and sales process
  • Efficient sales through customer-oriented behavior, professional sales techniques and negotiating strength
  • The role of the sales manager
  • Sales controlling and change management
  • The salesperson
  • Customer Relationship Management

336 Seiten, Hardcover, € (D) 39,95

ISBN 3-589-23681-7

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Heiko van Eckert, Basic knowledge sales (Grundwissen Vertrieb)

Grundwissen VertriebThe book deals with the strategy of the organization and processes of sales from the point of view of customer orientation. The primary targeted training and course participants are familiarized with the necessary theory, but the loss of practice is not out of sight. In the second part, the management of the sales is mediated - by the sales management to CRM. 

With the book, training participants can refresh their knowledge and specifically prepare for tests (IHK, HWK, academies, free carrier).

205 pages, paperback, € (D) 9,95
Cornelsen Verlag Scriptor, 2009.

ISBN-10: 358923749X
ISBN-13: 978-3589237494

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Advisory letter 'VertriebsExperts', Edition 1/2009

12 core theses on key account management: To optimally scoop the potential of your key customers.

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German sales and sales Gazette ('Deutscher Vertriebs- und Verkaufsanzeiger')

To crack the toughest customers - if all else fails, the sales line-up helps

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TOP DEAL CONSULTING- The future of negotiation training (Reprint ZT)

ZT-Sonderdruck: Top Deal ConsultingThe rapid developments in the market, increasing professionalism and complex negotiation processes provide companies in the future with a difficult task. What is to be done on negotiation training to secure your own future and to expand?

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