Klaus Pause

Purchasing managers, project and program managers, consultants Personnel management


  • Management of international / intercultural / multi-disciplinary projects and programs
  • Sales consulting, shopping advice
  • Personnel Management Training
  • Negotiation Training

International experience

  • Project languages: German, English

Professional background

  • Career Owner and Director of ESS (Erlanger ski and snowboard school)
  • 11 years sales and sales of sporting goods industry
  • 6 years of international buyers HW
  • 1 year Head Operational IT Procurement Adidas AG
  • Since 2010 vice Purchasing Manager and PM Non Trade Adidas AG


  • Training coach alpine racing BSV, (Staatl. Check. Instructors, Union snowboard instructor) Study Sport
  • German training BW / Marketing
  • Countless courses, training and further education