salegro. A strong sparring partner for your sales

Anyone who wants to achieve quickly visible success in sales, can achieve that with us from salegro and our methods.

Anyone who wants to achieve sustainable growth can create that with us. With us organizational development AND personal development go hand in hand. Only if we understand your business with its structure and its culture, as well as your employees, can consulting, change management and training engage properly and lay the foundation for a unique development of your company. One approach that our customers benefit from even years later. What you get with us:

  • Training and counseling of employees with customer contact in various management layers
  • Advice on strategic, technical and operational sales issues
  • Accompaniment in change processes / restructuring in the sales organization
  • Negotiation expertise B2B particularly for tactical negotiations with purchasing
  • A sparring partner who understands something of complex in sales and helps you solve your issues. From free practice to the joint project, we adapt our services to your preferences and your budget. Always with an eye on the totality of your business.