Sales increase through better collaboration throughout the sales process between headquarters and worldwide subsidiaries.

Starting position

An international company in the specialty mechanical engineering with 47 worldwide sales units is currently the market leader - but the competition, especially from the Far East, is strong. In addition there are massive issues in the cooperation between headquarters and sales subsidiaries. The sales processes are extremely differently lived in this organizations matrix. This makes cooperation across countries and national borders too costly.


  • More of the same structures and transparency are to be brought in the sales 
  • The competition should be strengthened by improved sales argument
  • Cooperation between central and local sales teams should be improved

What we did

  • As a framework for all units a global sales process was developed. 
  • By creating a worldwide sales compendium and defining and implementing sales tools a uniform language in sales had a base.
  • BEST-Training: Better Selling by Team Selling - three workshop modules with  real,
  • international teams, team training and intensive Case Study Work
  • International Co-trainers of intercultural aspects were used
  • In roll-out and implementation of the matrix organization was considered.
  • Intercultural management meetings accompanied the project.


  • The online analysis shows a significantly enhanced cooperation even six months after the last module.
  • Due to the consistent implementation of the defined sales process and through the use of
  • Sales of tools several concrete sales successes have emerged.
  • With the same team strength and significantly reduced travel and coordination effort about 30% more sales could be achieved.


Putting together the groups with real teams allowed concrete Team Agreements. The training could be anchored in everyday life, the contents were adjusted to the business units and the teaching was adapted regionally. The course of the project over several years and the continuing rollout ensured that the work will have sustainably implemented throughout the organization.