Increased hit rate and better controllability in international sales

Starting position

In the massive wood processing is this engineering company the number one in the world - but the competition from Asia and Europe will be increasingly present. In order to continue to maintain its market position, a strategy shift is necessary.


  • To keep the market position, standard and premium product lines are introduced and the sales are organized by product areas and stronger coordination achieved by local sales
  • Between the experts and the sales staff in the field a better cooperation is sought
  • To be able to manage the sales better, a unified toolset needs to be created
  •  In addition is the hit rate to be increased

What we did

  • A uniform and customized sales process was developed.
  • To evaluate sales opportunities, a specific Chance-Radar® was developed.
  • In the analysis, the tool development and rollout were integrated with top and middle management.
  • After designing a training this was carried out with a pilot group to precisely control content and methodology and ensure the quality.
  • The implementation successes in a blended learning approach: In addition to classroom sessions were virtual meetings and salegro online academy integrated.


Within a project period of 30 months in about 80 project days with six consultants, seven national and three international groups with about 120 employees from 20 countries (Europe, Asia, USA) were trained. Overall result was a sales with clear structures and tools - successful and controllable.

  • The full integration of the product ranges in design and tool development achieved greater acceptance and support.
  • Roles and responsibilities along the sales process were clearly assigned.
  • Sales can overall be better managed and cooperation work better.
  • The hit rate increased by 25%.