Continuous development of sales staff

Starting position

An international company in the specialty mechanical engineering is under the pressure that it could lose its world leader role. It turns out to be increasingly difficult, to sell the extra cost alone over technical value to the customer. In addition is it very important to the company that the international recruitment learns the uniform concepts, methods and tools in sales quickly, so that a uniform base can be ensured.


  • Improved needs analysis and customized sales argument is to strengthen competition on the market
  • Newcomer Training and advanced programs get unified content worldwide
  • The customer contact and sales style or approach will be unified internationally

What we did

  • As part of a development program along the entire sales process methods trainings were conducted - the complete sales area was covered this way.
  • International junior entry programs have been developed and standardized. Methods and Tools
  • The modular structure of the programs with individual development paths will allow for personal competence. 
  • Even office employees with frequent customer contact were trained with an entry level program and corresponding recesses.
  • In order to consider intercultural aspects, international co-trainer were integrated.


In a project with about 50 training days per year, regular training sessions have been carried out since 2006. Here six international consultants were previously involved. 

  • Through the continuous staff development program with uniform content, methods and tools can penetrate the organization and are now used internationally.
  • In meetings for opportunities between supervisors and employees and between
  • headquarters and subsidiaries is uniform technology used now which have been anchored.
  •  Through the project duration of several years, and the worldwide rollout, the program could be implemented sustainably.