When sales organisations need to work together.

Each sales organization has different rules, official processes and so-called "Hidden rules". Each might work well on its own - but if a collaboration is required obstacles suddenly arise that must be overcome if you are aiming for a good, smooth cooperation. A good framework is here normally a common understanding of the cultures and the sales processes across national borders or organizational boundaries.

We advise and accompany you in the restructuring and integration of sales organizations:

  • Your structures are aligned for more transparency in the sales process
  • A "same language" in sales supports smooth exchange
  • Travel and coordination effort is reduced significantly
  • Headquarters and local sales teams work better together
  • Uniform sales arguments improves your competitive situation 
  • Your sales rise significantly
  • And can be processed with a stable headcount

We manage extremely different sales processes and organizations across national boundaries and  merge them in a way that interests of everyone involved are being preserved. Your organization is fit for future growth.