Online Academy. Secure the learning success of your employee’s social learning

Flexible and customized employee development gets an increasingly important priority for companies. Visible results are, however, only be achieved if the training 

  • is designed so flexible that each employee can learn according to individual needs and preferences
  • is fully aligned with the organization

Our salegro Online Academy is an interactive social learning platform that makes modern learning possible: 

  • the traditional classroom training can be usefully complemented by modular, individually composable and manageable learning units
  • Personal learning paths, collaborative work on common documents and the exchange with other foster hands-on learning
  • Knowledge and content are always available worldwide
  • Additional methods and media in addition to classroom training and reduce costs and travel expenses.

 Every company is unique. Before the learning process starts, we look at your business and your employees: 

Your employees learn best classic or virtual? Rather alone or together with high interaction? Are the contents of mostly predefined or based on the participants (user generated content)?

We find the methods that best engage your employees.