salegro. With expert know-how to the Pole Position

Sales must evolve in order to be competitive in the future. Salegro not only ensures growth in sales, but also for the development of your sales organization. Sales training, consulting and process support are our foundation to keep your sales permanently in the pole position.


  • Sales Training: tailored to your organization and the market keep your employees more motivated and more efficient.
  • Process optimization: We'll show you how your sales can grow sustainably - and each individual employee behind it.
  • Restructuring: Also extremely different sales processes and organizations across countries and borders are brought together by us. So that the interests of all are preserved.
  • Sell more value: If you've had enough to sell the quality of your products or your services below value we will help you meet your unique selling points in the market better and get higher margins for sales.
  • Organizational and personnel development: your business is a great “whole” and we bring together what belongs together. Our sales experts consult, accompany and enable the development of your organization and go hand in hand with the practical strong development of your sales staff. Simply comprehensive "sales growth solutions”.
  • Negotiation know-how: If you painfully feel that shopping is more professional or multilevel negotiations bring you to the limit of your profitability, we ensure that you are among the winners again at the negotiating table - and are perfectly equipped for unexpected situations.

It is important to integrate the people in your company. Only when everyone pulls together, the sales can without obstacles concentrate on successful selling.