Negotiation training. Become more professional than the purchaser

While the purchase gets more professional, in negotiations the requirements to the seller rise. Especially in complex negotiations in B2B almost always several parties are involved on the customer side. Us from  salegro ensure that you are well prepared.

Most negotiation trainings do not involve all important people for the negotiation process. The fact is: If you want to strategically and tactically well prepared for a negotiation, all the important people must be prepared for any eventuality.

We have three themes in our negotiation training:

  1. Classic negotiation training - this is about the basics of 1: 1 setting

  2. Negotiations with the purchasing department - here we are working with a buyer as an assistant coach, with him the buyers' perspective is extended by  the seller's perspective. Your own negotiations become much more conscious. In real practice cases, you and your staff work directly with expert feedback, which reveals an entirely new perspective. Eye-openers are guaranteed.

  3. Negotiations in the project - project situations represent a particular context. Agreement is forced and the two negotiating partners have a common interest in the success of the project. Again, we work with an experienced project manager as an assistant coach, which allows the change of perspective. Very effective.