Negotiation training in B2B project business

Starting position

The employees of an internationally active group of companies for IT consulting and systems integration often negotiate framework agreements or projects with the buyers of their clients. The negotiation results showed room for improvement.



  • The understanding and ability for negotiation situations in projects should be created and improved 
  • There are more deals to be won
  • There are better rates to be enforced in negotiations
  • To enhance the negotiating team professionally, skills in other staff were expanded

What we did

With an individually designed negotiation training 

  • the negotiation skills of account managers, department heads, project managers has been strengthened.
  • The participants learned to recognize the complexity of negotiation situations and to analyze.
  • The participants were made aware of the specialty for negotiation situations with the shopping department.
  • Participants worked on principles, phases and preparations in complex Big Deal negotiations.
  • Were taught systematic and strategic negotiation preparations and situationally correct behavior in negotiations.


Within three months, and 20 days with two project consultants and 50 participants, there was a measurable improvement of several negotiation outcomes (> 100.000 €).

  • The procedure for taking care of key accounts was sustained, strategically and tactically improved.
  • By involving all levels of the hierarchy, the importance of the were made aware of in negotiations.
  • An analysis of real practical cases opened "sore points” that were then exercised in RPGs - practical knowledge instead of "Harvard model" theory.
  • A professional buyer as an assistant coach made the changed of the perspective and created many aha experiences among participants.